Essentials for a Social Work Intern

What do I keep in my work bag?

What are the essentials I recommend for student interns (or anyone in the field!) to keep on hand at all times? ✨
E S S E N T I A L S:
~ A charger (You never know how long your day is going to go)
~ A quick snack (I prefer granola bars)
~ Chapstick
~ Hand sanitizer/ tide pen/ deodorant (hygiene products)
~ Pens/ pencils
~ Reusable water bottle (oops, left mine at work)
~ Something to take notes on (notebook, notepad)

Planner and/or a notepad is a MUST HAVE!

E X T R A S:
~ Nail glue
~ Tide to go
~ Lipstick (running late? Just throw some on, suddenly you look much more put togetherπŸ˜‰)
~ Tea
~ A cute headband (again, no time to fix your hair? Toss this on)

Chapstick? Essential. Lipstick? Perfect for the days where you’re running behind!

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