100 Days of Self-Care

Are you an intern at your organization? Are you in charge of coordinating some sort of self-care challenge at work? Here are some ideas to get you started!

Make it simple!

Like you, your coworkers are likely busy and stressed. The trick here is to make your self-care challenge simple and without any hard dates or requirements from them. I know for me, the more vague and up-to-me the task is, the better – especially if it means I can have some alone time after work!

When I held my self-care challenge, I called it ‘100 Days of Self-Care’. I would email out reminders to my coworkers, providing them with possible activities and ideas for what they can do for themselves that week. I even tried to base activities off of the time of year and the weather (e.g., go pumpkin or apple picking, go for a jog to see the fall foliage, go to heated yoga in the winter, and so forth). To help break it down, I would do week-by-week updates.

Here’s an example of an email reminder I sent out:

Cute, right? And simple! For the record, I make all of my designs on Canva.com, the godsend of the internet.

How do I keep it going?

Remind people at staff meetings. Do a self-care check in every meeting! “What have you done for yourself this week?” “What do you plan to do for yourself by Friday?” These will help get your coworker’s minds back on themselves. We all know how easy it can be for our minds to wander off during meetings; bringing the focus back to each individual helps the self-care mindset and can help everyone feel noticed.

What else can I do?

Supplement your reminders with ‘coworker of the week’ posts somewhere in the office (or on your social media accounts, if appropriate); give small raffle prizes out each week (pick the name of a new coworker out of a box each week); have everyone sign cards/letters stating things that they appreciate about each individual person – and have it framed! These may seem small, but I’m sure you would appreciate someone taking the time to do this for you, too.

Free Self-Care Ideas

How to treat yourself on a budget…?! Sign me up.

F R E E S E L F C A R EπŸ’˜
It’s treat yourself Tuesday, guys! Some of my favorite things to do at the end of the day are to light a candle, open the windows to air out my apartment, and read a book.
There are lots of small ways to take a breather at the end of the day. Even just doodling in a journal or doing something creative (no matter how β€œgood” or β€œbad” you think you are artistically) can be so mentally relaxing.✨ β€’
What do you do for free self-care? This is especially important to stay on a budget considering many of us are still in school, saving up, or working a side hustle!
So have you had a cup of tea or glass of wine kind of day? πŸ·πŸ˜‚

Positive Sticky Note Activity

Every moment in your life is a clean slate!

Activity: Sticky Note Affirmations πŸ“

Do you use affirmations in your practice? If so, how? I do craft projects with clients (in a residential setting) where we write positive affirmations on craft paper & sticky notes and put them around the residence. Putting notes above bathroom mirrors, above the sink, and above doorways seems to really brighten the clients’ days. I think this can also be a simple yet effective way to brighten up the morale in an office setting (used appropriately of course)! πŸ’˜

Essentials for a Social Work Intern

What do I keep in my work bag?

What are the essentials I recommend for student interns (or anyone in the field!) to keep on hand at all times? ✨
E S S E N T I A L S:
~ A charger (You never know how long your day is going to go)
~ A quick snack (I prefer granola bars)
~ Chapstick
~ Hand sanitizer/ tide pen/ deodorant (hygiene products)
~ Pens/ pencils
~ Reusable water bottle (oops, left mine at work)
~ Something to take notes on (notebook, notepad)

Planner and/or a notepad is a MUST HAVE!

E X T R A S:
~ Nail glue
~ Tide to go
~ Lipstick (running late? Just throw some on, suddenly you look much more put togetherπŸ˜‰)
~ Tea
~ A cute headband (again, no time to fix your hair? Toss this on)

Chapstick? Essential. Lipstick? Perfect for the days where you’re running behind!

Social skills with a roll of the dice…

The Art of Social Work is a blog that features many different coping skills and homemade activities specifically for kids! I highly recommend checking out Kristina’s website for activity ideas!

Art of Social Work

The vast ever changing landscape of social expectations and related social skills is complex enough for adults let alone kids and teens. What may be an appropriate interaction with an old friend could be completely inappropriate interaction when applied with a teacher or work colleague.
Assertiveness, greetings, questions, opinion sharing, apologizes and compliments can change based on the circumstance and the other person involved.

I recently created this dice game to practice talking about, and acting out social interactions.
The wooden dice you can find at any craft store and I just used permanent marker to write different people on one block and types of social interactions on the other. On the people block I included parent, teacher, supervisor, friend, stranger, and coworker. On the interaction block I included ask a question, apologize, compliment, use assertive skill, greeting, and share an opinion or idea. You could of course include different…

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Welcome to my webpage!

I am a MSW student in New England who has been frustrated with the lack of usable, organized social work resources online. Wherever I turn on the internet for assistance – whether it is self-care or work related – I often am left even more lost than before. In the hopes of making one cohesive area for social workers to refer to, I am aiming to collect all of my personal favorite social work tools in one spot. Hopefully, you will find something useful here as this blog grows!